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that all of the families posted on the waiting families section and the featured homepage have an approved homestudy through the State they live in and should be represented by a licensed adoption agency, facilitator or an adoption attorney. Birthmothers should always double check with the family of interest to see if the family of interest has an up to date homestudy.

Birth families and adoptive families need to keep in mind that is only a meeting place for birthfamilies and prospective adoptive families. We can only guarantee that clients of Independent Adoption Center and I Heart Adoption have current and valid homestudies.

The Internet is an incredible research and support tool for your adoption journey, but good judgement and the use of your adoption professional is essential to a safe and secure adoption.

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"Homestudy: A process whereby an individual or couple undergo a study by a licensed public or private agency to assure the well-being of the child in the home and the readiness of the family to adopt." more adoption terms defined.

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