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Independent Adoption Center
With nearly 4,000 families created through our open adoption program, the IAC assures the rights of birthparents and adoptive parents to decide on the best future for the child and themselves. You will be choosing each other and deciding on the level of openness you both are comfortable with in your adoption relationship. Click to Visit Site

Cooperative Adoption Consulting
Cooperative Adoption Consulting was established by Ellen Roseman in 1980 to assist couples and singles in the open adoption process. Independent and agency adoptions are facilitated in an educational atmosphere which is also supportive and nurturing. If a strong family commitment is what you desire and you are ready to venture forth, Cooperative Adoption may be right for you. Click to Visit Site

Adoption Paths - Adoption Education and Support
Founded by Sara Lively, M.S.Ed.
Adoption Paths is not an adoption agency. An independent educational service, this organization has no financial interest in your choices about adoption. Their sole mission is to provide you with the information and support you need to find your personal path, whether it’s international or domestic, open or closed, agency or independent adoption - or not to adopt at all. Click to Visit Site
Everything you need to know to help you choose the path to adopting that's right for you, and if it's out there, it can be accessed from Click to Visit Site

Rebecca Childrens Services
Rebekah Children’s Services offers children and their families an array of campus-based and community-based behavior healthcare. RCS staff respond in a timely, effective, and respectful manner to the behavioral healthcare needs of children and their families through programs in prevention, education, intervention, or treatment. RCS is licensed by the State of California as a Foster Family Agency. Click to Visit Site

We are not affiliated with any adoption agency or facilitation service. It is our hope that people at all stages of the adoption process can find the information and support they need to have healthy open adoption relationships.
-Brenda Romanchik, Director Click to Visit Site


Adoption Ties
Adoption Services and Search Site

RL People
Quotes from real people including adoption quotes

Fertile Thoughts
The creators of FertileThoughts have designed this website to meet your needs as a family in pursuit of adoption.
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