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open adoption
Adoption Agencies and Professionals

Below is a list of Adoption Agencies that deal Solely in Open Adoption and that I have had the pleasure of working with. All of the clients that work with these professionals have a completed homestudy in the State that they will be adopting in. These clients make up a wonderful and deverse group of people.

Independent Adoption Center
THE INDEPENDENT ADOPTION CENTER: With over 20 years of experience in Domestic Adoptions, the Independent Adoption Center is the largests and leading Open Adoption Agency in the United States. The Independent Adoption Center insures the rights of birthparents and adoptive parents to decide on the best future for the child and themselves. This means actively choosing each other and what type of openness they want in their adoption relationship.

Adoption Connection
Since 1985 Adoption Connection has worked with adoptive parents, birthparents and adoptees to create loving families. As a non-profit, licensed adoption agency, we are proud to have helped place over 1,000 children in adoptive homes.

Adopt Int - Domestic Adoption
Adopt International is an adoption agency providing both international adoption and domestic adoption services. We recognize the rights of children in the United States and throughout the world to find a loving, permanent family who will meet her or his individual needs.

Adoptions From the Heart
We Build Beautiful Families.
Adoptions from the Heart is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian adoption agency, licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, New York, and Virginia and approved for placing children with Connecticut families

Friends in Adoption
The Home of Compassionate Adoption
Friends in Adoption is a non-profit, licensed open/compassionate agency whose goal is to help people make informed decisions about adoption. FIA works with both those interested in adopting and with pregnant women/couples considering placing their children with adoptive families.

Open Adopt
Open Adoption and Family Services facilitates child-centered open adoptions in which birthparents and adoptive families create healthy long-term relationships addressing the ongoing needs of children.

Adoption Lawyers that deal solely in Open Adoption

Law Offices of Adams and Romer
We are a small law office located in a friendly neighborhood in San Francisco. We offer personal care and full legal help in the domestic adoption process to expectant parents who are interested in placing their child for adoption and to families looking to adopt a child.  We work with adopting parents from all over the state of California and can assist expectant parents throughout the United States. As of January 2003, we can also assist adoptive parents outside of California, if they have an identified birth mother in California. We finalize about fifty adoptions a year, so we can work closely together and pay attention to your needs.  As a law office we do our best to ensure a safe, legal, ethical adoption.

Law Offices of Marc Gradstein
Law Offices of Larry Siegel - San Raphel -Northern California

Facilitation and Outreach Professionals

Cooperative Adoption Consulting...
was established by Ellen Roseman over twenty four years ago to assist prospective adoptive parents in the open adoption process. Independent and agency adoptions are facilitated in a supportive nurturing and educational atmosphere. Cooperative Adoption Consultation respects and welcomes working with all family types.

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