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open adoption

The history of
adoptionopen.com by Deb Weeks

Three years after me and my partner Monica met, a friend of ours asked us if we had ever heard of open adoption. She said that a friend of hers had told her about this adoption facilitator named Ellen Roseman, Cooperative Adoption Services. Ellen was an educator and proponant of Open Adoption. We had never heard of Open Adoption so out of curiosity we joined our friend and attended Ellen's monthly support group meetings. Adoption had always been at the back of our mind, but we hadn't begun to look at our options yet.

That meeting changed our lives. A Birthmother was the guest speaker along with the couple who had adopted her baby. It was one of the most moving experiences we had ever had. We both left there teary eyed and full of goose bumps. Shortly there after we joined Ellen's Adoption Facilitation Services and signed up with Adoption Connection as our adoption agency. A few years after starting our adoption journey, ironically I started working for the Independent Adoption Center for their Creative Services Devision.

In time, naturally we would sign up with the IAC as clients. Some time before signing up with the IAC, I began researching domain names for our online dear birthmother website, I happily discovered that adoptionopen.com was available so I snatched it up. Our Birthmother website had been up on the Internet for about six months when we became elegible to be waiting parents on the IAC online waiting families section of their website. By the time we were approved at the IAC our web site was ranked rather high on Yahoo under the search term "open adoption". A few weeks after being approved through the IAC our Birthmother found our website through Yahoo using the search term, "Open Adoption". (read about our adoption journey )

After our adoption I decided to keep www.adoptionopen.com as a website where all o the IAC families could post their adoption website link. When I left the IAC I redesigned the website to be an open adoption resource for adoptive families, birthfamilies and adoptees. We opened up our site to all U.S. adoption agencies that practice, fully open adoptions. In 2005 I added custom adoption website design to my services and in 2007 I started "birthmother" letter design.

I feel so blessed to be able to work in this field, the stories and the people that surround the world of open adoption are amazing. Please enjoy the site, and if you have any question, don't hesitate to call or email me.

Thanks so much,
Deb Weeks
510.235.8058 PST

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