Tips for negotiating car prices

As every person and company is looking to earn the maximum profit, they tend to set the price of products much higher than the regular price. For this reason, negotiation is a good thing to do. You may still not get the product at the lowest amount but if you know the real value of a certain product, you can negotiate to a price near its lowest value. Mike’s auto sales in Salinas offer the car at a very low price. If you haven’t negotiated before, here are some negotiation tips which is going to help you while buying cars.


The first step includes gaining information from different sources about the car of your choice. You need to set your target price. Most of the sellers tell you the price based on a monthly basis. Avoid this as much as possible because it might sound less but in the end, you will always end up paying more. Instead, ask for the total purchase price of the car. The salesman is going to tell you more than the real price of the car. This is because they know that the customer is always going to negotiate and this is the start of the negotiation.

Start telling them about the different price which other dealers are willing to offer. Give them the expression that you keep informed about the market. This will give a window for the seller to open negotiation. You need to remain fixed to your target price. More often than not, the seller will offer you a better deal.

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Hitting the Right Price

Every car has its True Market Value (TMV). You can know the TMV of a particular car from various online websites and dealers. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) will also give you an idea about the pricing of a particular car. These will give you an idea about the price at which you would get the car and the highest price which you can offer. You can use this inforamtion while negotiating. Such research work is going to be beneficial in getting the best deal.

Negotiation is not a minute’s work. If there is a difference between the seller’s price and the price which you have set, keep on negotiating until the seller offers you a price which is close to your price point. You should not hurry and keep on standing on your price point. The seller will sooner or later, surrender and sell you the car at the lowest price possible.


Negotiation allows you to get the best price possible for a certain product.