Streaming media’s convenience of access and payment

The first movie theater in Pennsylvania, the United States was first opened in 1905. It had a hundred seats and tickets were sold for five cents per film compared to today’s two dollars, and although not too expensive, it was very limited with regards to the number of people who can see a show.

Moving forward to today’s Imax and other modern theaters which are three times bigger and has better filmography, however, the experience of going to movies is still essentially the same as what was it before, however, at a much more expensive price.

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In some countries, the average movie ticket costs around twenty dollars depending on the cinema and its capabilities such as 3D (three-dimensional) and other features, apart from being comfortable, being too expensive and have a restrictive access such as you can only watch the movie once which is totally inconvenient especially when you missed important scenes because you have to go to the bathroom.

This is the main reason why the attendance in theaters are falling, and it is a similar story for cable and satellite television subscriptions and give the rise of movie and television streaming sites.

The advent of the internet has paved the way for movie and television streaming sites to what it is right now. Its popularity is uncontrollable for many reasons it is because the internet brought the possibility of consuming content on any connected mobile devices through streaming, people anywhere around the world can get access to movies and television shows without the need to go to a movie theater, at a fraction of the cost that conventional cinema tickets have.

Another benefit that online streaming sites give to consumers is that it provides them the ease of payment through online channels knowing that there is a large portion of the world’s entire population do not have the access to traditional banking services, however, through alternative online payment channels which includes mobile applications, the underbanked and also the underserved are not excluded from enjoying online streaming sites that feature free movies and television shows.

In statistics, the biggest online streaming service provider caters more than a hundred million subscribers around the world and it streams over five thousand movies and television shows at any time depending on the availability of the content in certain countries at a standard subscription fee or less than ten dollars or more like

The level of access and cost-savings that technology has brought us is simply impossible to reach within traditional industries which is why more and more people are shifting their medium of entertainment mainly based on online platforms which paved the way for online streaming sites to gain popularity and grow tremendously.

However, does this technological advancement makes the traditional cinemas suffer? Well, it will not, just look at the figures of big Hollywood movies make when it hits the theaters. It generates millions of dollars, even billions. The soaring popularity of online streaming sites will not affect the movie industry because both the traditional theaters and the online streaming sites benefit both from the large sums of money that movies make. For quality online movies, check it out here.