Strange Technology behind XDS Mountain bikes Melbourne

XDS is one of the biggest manufacturers of bikes in the world. We stock an extensive range of mountain bike products from kid’s mountain bikes to the rest of the age brackets. The 8 speed XDS strike bikes are most perfect for kids. The strike series includes 26 inch tires which are an improvement from the previous 24 inch. The Strike 4.0 perfect for kids who want to venture to bigger bikes. This is because it has adult wheel size but with an XS frame. XDS bicycle company also have the Strike 5.0 bike that comes with better handling of rough roads and has slightly better gears. The Strike 2.0 series is a top end recreational bicycle as it comes fitted with hydraulic break discs and Shinamo gears. This makes this bike a top choice for riding in rougher trails and off-road expeditions.

The Boss series

For serious and more experienced teenagers and adults, the XDS bicycle company has you covered by having the boss series. The boss series is a series of Xds bikes that will make your work-outs or bike riding experiences better than they have been before. All the bikes in this range have 27.5 inch tires except for the Boss 1.0 These bikes are well suited for a wide range of riding such as off-road, rail trails or even city cruising. The Boss range can take all these conditions in.

The Boss range begins at Boss 4.0.This bicycle is well suited for smooth unsealed surfaces and bike parts. If you are looking for a bicycle to ride with your family or to exercise with then definitely the Boss 4.0 is the perfect bike for you. It comes in black or matte orange.

xds bikes

The Future Series

The next in the series from the Xds bicycle company is the Boss 3.0. This bicycle can endure more extreme circumstances and can be used for bike paths and rail trails. These bikes offer better suspension performance and offer drive train quality. Riders with amateur riding skills can handle this bike.

The Boss 2.0 is a beauty on its own. This bike is surely one that can endure single track and fire roads. You could also upgrade from your old bike to this one. It comes bearing sealed bearing hubs that actually ensure smoother rolling and equally less maintenance. It also has a smoother suspension and more powerful brakes.


Finally the Boss 1.0 is equipped with a fox suspension fork, the latest shimano SLX gears and dropper post.  All of this is to ensure maximum stability on rough single tracks and efficiency when riding. You ought to try the XDS bikes because they are a one of a kind series of bicycles.