Drug treatments are currently emerging to offer alternatives to abstinence in the form of reduced consumption. Some stop in a bar, those who hide to drink or those who end the evenings in poor condition … Alcohol dependence affects two million adults in France. After smoking, alcohol is the second leading cause of death with nearly 50,000 deaths each year. In recent years, new drugs have emerged to fight against this addiction.

How is alcohol addiction established?

How can alcohol become an addiction? When a person drinks alcohol, the ethanol molecule reaches the bloodstream within one hour and invades organs including the brain. Ethanol then acts on several neuron circuits. The person feels relaxed but his reflexes go down, his motor coordination decreases as his vigilance.

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Alcohol is also an addictive substance. It acts on a specific area of the brain ie the reward circuit located in the limbic system. When an action gives us pleasure, the limbic system memorizes our level of satisfaction. It is this process that usually motivates us to learn and encourages us to repeat a pleasant action. Denver rehab is one of the main medicine for alchol

This circuit works thanks to a chemical messenger released by the neurons, dopamine. Usually, a satisfactory action causes the release of a little dopamine which stimulates the circuit of the reward: “we are happy”. With alcohol, this system goes wrong. Whenever you drink, the amount of dopamine released is higher. It becomes systematic. Consequence: The learning signal is so strong that it encourages us to consume.

When consumption becomes repetitive, this pleasure becomes more difficult to reach. The person increases his doses. The problem is that in the long run, it plunges into a state of frustration, sadness or even anger. It consumes even more alcohol, not for pleasure but to reduce the negative effects of this chronic consumption. It’s the addiction. An addiction that can slip into a real addiction, when the person feels an irrepressible desire to drink. Many drugs on the market, whether or not they have received marketing authorization, for this indication, may help alcohol-dependent patients. The concepts are changing in this area as a treatment