Live your virtual life now on your android phone

Life is boring and we always cannot live the life we want. But still a fantasy not satisfied creates a sense of despair and dissatisfaction. But what if we could have a life we want if not in reality, but virtually? Yes, that is definitely possible. There are many virtual reality games like the sims 4 on android which can be very easily downloaded on our android and iOS devices and voila there we are.  These games are amazing and have extraordinary advanced features though which one can do whatever they want with their avatars. Let’s see all what we can do with these games.

  • Upon installation these games let us create our own avatars which can be highly customized. One can decide upon the looks, the structure, even can change the tattoos on them. This is totally like creating your very own personality which is truly enjoyable.
  • One has full control over the events and actions of the avatar. They can walk, sleep, eat, hug, kiss, love etc. The way one wants they can mold them.
  • One can even decide the major life events like marry another avatar, set up a new house, organize and participate in events, that too all very easily by using few inbuilt user programs in the app.
  • The avatars are totally like humans and the upgraded versions are more developed and can display real emotions. For example, if an avatar does something then the others near to it will respond in the exact way humans do.
  • The skills for the avatars can also be upgraded. Ex- one’s singing skills can be upgraded to make them a superstar singer, others can upgrade their drawing skills to make them an accomplished artist etc.

the sims 4 mobileAnd a lot more can be done. There are multiple fun activities you can carry out and enjoy.

Now coming to the installation part, this game is quiet easy to install. If one has it already installed in their computer, then they just have to move the file to their phones. If not, then one can search in web for the sims4 on android and they would be directed to the search results. Only the phone might ask permissions to allow downloads from unknown sites. Just click ok and there we go. One can download the file and then the game itself updates the files and lets one enjoy their virtual life without any interference.