How Rise of Kingdoms incorporate PC RTS gaming to a mobile platform?

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Real-time strategy (RTS) gaming is a popular for PC gamers, although it is not that popular compared to first person shooters (FPS), battle royale games, and role-playing games or RPG, but it has been part of video gaming since before, and RTS gaming is not for an average type of video gamer, it takes a person who has the knowledge to come up with the strategy both militarily and economically to dominate their opponents during a game.

riseofkingdomsThere are a lot of RTS games that you can choose from actually, and some of it is already a global name in the world of video gaming, however, in the past few years, many game developers and studios were able to harness the great format of RTS games in the mobile platform. One of the most popular RTS games that you can play today is riseofkingdoms, a game developed by Lilith Games.

When it comes to numbers, there are more than a million players around the world are hooked into this game that is rated 4.6 out of five stars in Google Play as well as in the Apple Store, like a hardcore RTS gamer, what are the RTS core elements that this game has successfully incorporated to it for a mobile platform.

So, what are the elements of RTS that is noticeably used in the gameplay of this game? Check out the list below.

  • Base management- You act as a governor in the civilization that you have chosen. Each civilization which is 11 in total have different ways of building structures for both military and economy, each has its own unique traits and abilities to gain an advantage during the game in order to manage it effectively. Base building and management is a crucial part of a game to be called RTS and this game has it.
  • Unit control- Building an army in the RTS is one of the most exciting part, in this game, you get to control a vast number of units that have different skills, whether it is ranged, melee, tanks, and siege weaponry which you can use to defend or attack your opponents by controlling each unit all at once. Unit control is a major point in RTS gaming. You have to take control of your entire army in the field and strategically place them in order to get an advantage over your opponent in the battlefield. Although it does not micro-focusing on each unit to control, this game can let you take control of your army which has automated skills that will be used during battles.
  • Unit balance- It does not matter how bases and units are managed at a very high level, but it all boils down to the core of any strategy game designs that relate to the unit balance since a good strategy game has always been built on a solid foundation which is focusing on balancing units to come up with the best military strategy on the battlefield and this game never failed to incorporate it for a mobile platform.