How Reliable Are Lie Detectors? 

The use of a lie detector machine is one of the best ways to determine if someone is lying or not. Many think that the lie detector test result is not reliable, but studies have shown that the results obtained from lie detector machines can be 98% accurate if carried out by a trained professional. This high level of accuracy can be obtained from the lie detector because it is computerized and now contains series of additional measurements.  The accuracy has made the lie detector machine an integral part of the recruitment process in many establishments, including government establishments.  Continue reading to learn more about lie detector machines.

The polygraph test is never complete in an instant; it can take several hours to complete. Also, the test must be carefully structured and designed before the test can proceed.  The preparation includes a proper analysis of the various questions to be asked in the course of the lie detector test.  A proper preparation of the questions will help to improve the accuracy of the result obtained. Bear in mind that it is not easy at all to prepare questions for the polygraph test; you have to be a god communicator and a professional in polygraph before you can correctly prepare questions for the lie detector test. Preparing the questions is undoubtedly an art! If you need more information about the lie detector and its various applications, you can visit

Are they reliable?

Not everybody agrees about the reliability of the lie detectors for determining if someone is lying or not. Some agrees that lie detectors are reliable, while some are of the opinion that it is not accurate enough to be tenable in court as evidence.

https://www.liedetectortest.ukThe lie detector examiner is responsible for operating the lie detector. The examiner works by asking control questions. Studs also show that some examiners can end up ruining the test results. Security agencies, including the FBI, make all their potential employees go through the lie detector test to find out if they can be trusted for the task or not. Studies show that lie detector tests only measure anxiety since change in all the measurements and parameters only occur due to anxiety.

Some antagonists of the lie detector are of the opinion that frequent liars show less anxious behavior because they know how to avoid being detected. As a result, using the lie detector machine to such individuals may yields an unreliable result.