Grand Theft Auto Apk Gameplay on Android Phone

GTA v game can never be complete without mentioning vehicles; GTA V has been developed with many machines than the previous GTA version. These cars are significantly enhanced with real-time physical effects. From the amount of cash you gathered from every mission, you can use it to invest in purchasing stocks or some establishment.

Since it involves a higher crime, you can entirely adjust the price of the stock and benefit yourself on other in-game operations. You can also upgrade most of the cars. However, repairing or improving the vehicle can make some sense, especially when you and get another better vehicle. You can also enhance the ammunition and silencers with the arsenal to equip your missions.

GTA V APK features

Adds for GTA v apk are somewhat lesser with features. Rockstar Editor is one of the features. This feature enables the player to edit, cut and add some effects on the movie that a player is captured.  Once they are done with that, they can develop a full movie.

 A player can set up a camera position, decrease or increased the Depth-of-Field. You can also adjust the aviation of the came and color tone. Also, when it is in Director Mode, just like its name, it enables the player to be an actual director as far as arranging the scene is concerned.

Downloading the GTA APK Android

Now you easily download GTA v apk on android device and experience an excellent time on Android device without PC support. Rockstar offers a GTA V data that enable you to install and enjoy playing GTA on your Android device. GTA v is the top configurable game that needs to be supported by Android 5 with at least 1 GB RAM.

gta v android

Instructions for GTA 5 installation

Firstly, you have to download GTA V APK and OBB data. You can as well download it on a PC and then transfer it to your Android device. Once you are done, use data manager and direct the folder where the file was downloaded. Extract an OBB file, then transfer it to Android. In case you can’t locate the OBB folder on the Android folder, create one. Open GTA v apk file, then install it, wait until it completes. Once you’ve install it perfectly, open it and start enjoying your game.


Hopefully, this article will be helpful for an easy Gta v apk download. Definitely, you will have an excellent experience with this game. Become the most wanted criminal in the city by committing a felony on your missions.