Five signs that you are streaming movies in an illegal streaming site online.

Do you enjoy watching movies at the online streaming site? Who does not? It is completely the best and cheapest way to entertain yourself nowadays because the majority of these online streaming sites are offering their content to everyone for free.

Unlike subscription-based streaming sites that are highly popular as well, these online streaming sites provides freedom to people who do not have enough access to watch quality movies and television shows.

However, are you streaming these movies and shows legally? How can you know that you are not contributing to piracy by streaming movies online? Well, there are many online streaming sites that have the authorization to feature movies and shows, and there are those that are operating illegally.

Well, all of us have a responsibility in our society to always abide by the law, regardless of how tempting it is to download movies or stream movies without knowing if it is legal or not.

If you are conscious about the movies and shows that you are frequently streaming online, then you came to the right post because listed below are the best signs to determine that you are streaming movies in an illegal streaming site or just stick to legal streaming sites like solarmovie1 vip.


Poor website design– It is pretty easy to spot illegal online streaming sites because they definitely do not care if their website design sucks and it is pretty evident that they do not want to spend their time designing their site very well. A legitimate online streaming site, on the other hand, makes sure that its site is fully functional, free from errors, well-designed, good navigational feature and properly organized. You should keep your eyes for clear giveaways such as these because these pages are usually riddled with grammatical and spelling errors while there are some graphics that are missing or improperly placed which makes it totally out of context with the entire site.

Full of advertisements– It is totally annoying that if you visit a site you are overwhelmed by pop-up windows and tabs that suddenly opens because of unnecessary advertisements that the site features and this is good evidence that it is an illegal streaming site.

Releases movie ahead of time- You can easily spot an illegal streaming site if they release a movie that has been just a few weeks out on the theaters and the worst is, they make it available for free download to lure a lot of people.

Free content download– It is totally too good to be true if an online streaming site will let you download movies for free, without any restrictions and these movies have just released in theaters. Well, this is an act of piracy and you should not be part of it even though you are unlikely apprehended by the authorities for this, but you should think how it can affect the film industry.

No site information– It would be totally weird that the source of these movies or the streaming site itself appears to be anonymous. You should not stream at sites that cannot provide their contact information or does not have an “About Us” page because the probability that they stream movies illegally is very high.