Completed Guide on a Mobile Signal Booster

Choosing the right signal booster for your home, office or other place is a tedious task. So here is something you have to consider before buying one.

Purpose of cell phone signal booster

Ysignal boosterou will need a cell phone signal booster for many reasons but some of the important purposes are:

  • To enhance the voice clarity in case of missed or dropped calls and to improve data connectivity when you face poor data performance.
  • It will make the antenna to select a specific cell tower which has a less user load. By doing this, it will offer good voice and data performance.

Benefits of using them

The following are the benefits of using a signal booster.

  • Your cellular reception can be improved.
  • It is used to eliminate dropped calls and to enhance voice signal.
  • The vodafone signal booster 4g can be used to improve data transfer.


A mobile phone signal booster generally consists of four components

  • Signal booster or amplifier – It is a two-way system which receives, boosts and transmits the faint signals to and from the tower and to and from mobile devices.
  • Outside antenna – It is also called a donor antenna which communicates with the cell tower.
  • Inside antenna – This antenna is used to communicate with your mobile phones and is also known as a broadcast antenna.
  • Coax cables and power supply – The exterior and interior antennas are connected with these coaxial cables.

Does it work for you?

There are some situations when your signal booster will not work and they are given below:

  • When there is no signal in your area, it cannot amplify the signals that do not at all exist.
  • When the amplifier is weak. You have to make sure whether the booster satisfies your needs before buying one and buy one that has a high-performance level.
  • When the wrong frequencies are boosted. Your amplifier has to boost the frequencies that are used by your carrier waves. Since 3G boosters do not handle new 4G LTE which are new frequencies.


At present, there are two kinds of mobile phone signal boosters available.

  • 3G – This is old, less expensive and is also known as dual-band technology.
  • 4G – This is newer and is more expensive which is known as five-band technology.

So, while buying one, you have to look at everything which is discussed above and select the right booster for your place.