All You Need To Know About Pill Testing And Why Is It Important

The generation today is openly discussing drugs and drug use especially during large events like music festivals. Most of the young adults nowadays believe that as long as you know that what you are taking is ‘safe’ from harmful chemicals, then there is nothing for others to worry about. But we have to admit that quite a number of people already died from an accidental drug overdose. This is why an ongoing heated debate is the talk of the town whether pill testing should be allowed at large events or it shouldn’t be.

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Pills, Why Do People Take Them?

Every party-goer is somewhat aware that ecstasy tablets have always been a staple of parties and large events. In fact, this has been the most popular recreational drug since the early 90s. Even up to this day, young adults are still raving about it. The MDMA has an active compound that can give the user a long-lasting feeling of euphoria. This is why many are taking this drug if they want to have all the fun in the world and feel energetic and worked up even up to the last hour of the event.

The Truth? Illicit Pills Are Dangerous!

According to the records, the number of drug overdose and deaths is low, but it doesn’t mean that MDMA can be very dangerous. Ecstasy has an active ingredient  3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). The MDMA capsules are very popular these days and many users know of this as pills that are mixed with other agents. The MDMA is widely tested and has been experimented multiple times where studies have found optimistic results as long as it is carefully monitored and with controlled usage in treating depression and other health conditions.

Many are able to handle different amounts of MDMA but remember that it is very potent and overdose is extremely possible. One of the reasons why pill-use is dangerous it is because nobody would really know the exact amount of MDMA that is present in the pill. Another reason is that most fatalities were a result of overdosing on ecstasy. It is possible that dangerous additives are included during the illegal pill production and most of these can cause adverse effects. This means that ecstasy or any other drug should be considered as 100% safe.

Pill Testing, How Can It Help?

During large events and festivals, there are now pill testings tents. They are more discreet than the other food trucks or vendors in the area, but many festival-goers come here to test their drugs. However, you can also test your drugs at home using the Marquis reagent test kit. But before doing your test at home, it is important that you know what type of drug do you have. The kit comes with instructions that you should follow to the T. Any type of contamination can ruin the test and the reagent.

However, you should always remember that even though your drugs are tested, there is no safe way to take these illicit drugs. There is no guarantee that it is 100% safe for you to take. Even at pill testing stations, those who come to the tents to have their drugs tested are advised that they cannot tell the purity or the quality of the drug. Instead, they can only identify its presence as well as the risks of ingesting them.