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A list of Open Adoption Agencies, Foster Adoption, Professionals and Adoption Related Support Sites: All of the listed sites are Gay friendly as well as singles friendly.

Featured Professionals:

I Heart Adoption - Open Adoption Information for Birthmothers
With offices in:
New York
North Carolina

Open Adoption Agencies:

Independent Adoption Center is the premier open adoption agency in the United States. For over 30 years, IAC has been a national leader in open adoptions, LGBTQ adoptions, and single parent adoptions. IAC has never discriminated based on sexual orientation, gender, age, marital status, religion, ethnicity, or race. (website)

Timothy F. Brewer
- Attorney at Law
Helping Families through Adoption & Surrogacy

Timothy F. Brewer - Attorney at Law is committed to providing personalized, attentive, creative, and highly ethical legal services to individual and institutional clients. We are small by design, in order to better serve and respond to the unique individual needs of our clients.

Services Include :
*Assisted Reproduction
*Egg, Sperm and Embryo Donation.

Under the umbrella of Adoption Agency Legal Group, we provide legal assistance to adoption agencies throughout the U.S.
We also provide mediation services to help resolve adoption-related and other disputes. (visit our website)

Adoption Connection
is one of the longest-running open adoption agencies in the country. Since its inception, Adoption Connection has completed more than 1,700 domestic infant and international adoptions. (website)

Creative Adoptions, Inc
. is a Colorado based adoption agency specializing in open adoption. The agency is a licensed not-for-profit child-placement agency providing services for birth parents and adoptive couples across the Rocky Mountain Front Range area. (website)

Friends in Adoption
is a non-profit, non-traditional, licensed agency whose goal is to help people make informed decisions concerning adoption. FIA works with both those interested in adopting and with pregnant women/couples considering placing their children with adoptive families. Office is located in Middletown Springs, Vermont. (website)

Adoptions From The Heart
is a licensed, nonprofit, nonsectarian adoption agency offering services for pregnant women and families interested in domestic adoption and the field of assisted reproduction.Headquartered in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, with additional office locations in several states. (website)

Adopt International
is a private, non-profit agency licensed by the State of California since 1983 and the State of Hawaii since 1993. They provide Home Study services and facilitate domestic adoptions for families residing in these two states. They work with traditional and nontraditional families. (website)

Foster Adoption:

Adopt Us Kids
mission is two-fold: to raise public awareness about the need for foster and adoptive families for children in the public child welfare system; and to assist U.S. States, Territories and Tribes to recruit and retain foster and adoptive families and connect them with children. (website)

Fostering Solutions is an independent foster care agency who are passionate about ensuring positive outcomes for children and young people in foster care.

Families For Children, Inc
California licensed private Non-Profit 501c(3) Adoption & Foster Family Agency, established in 1989. Our mission is to assist in finding permanent adoptive families for the thousands of California children currently in foster care and provide caring short term foster homes for children temporarily removed from their biological parents. (website)

The g
oal of the Dave Thomas Foundation is for ever child will have a permanent home and a loving family.
MISSION: The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has dramatically increased the number of adoptions of waiting children from North America's foster care systems. (website)

Open Adoption Lawyers:

The Adoption Law Offices of Adams & Romer is a small and friendly law firm based in San Francisco, with a satellite office in Santa Rosa, California. We have been helping create families through open adoption for over six decades. Our firm is known for providing sensitivity, respect and support to all involved throughout the domestic adoption process. We finalize approximately 50 adoptions a year, so we can work closely together and pay attention to your needs. (website)

The Adoption Law Offices of Robin Fleischner Robin Fleischner became an adoption attorney in 1986 as an outgrowth of adopting her two sons. Her practice is unique in providing caring, personalized, and solution-oriented legal services. Robin has handled over 1,000 adoptions and is nationally known for her expertise in adoption matters. (website)

Open Adoption Professionals:

NINA ANDERSON , LCSW- Adoption Counseling,
Education, and

801 Portola Drive
Suite 202
San Francisco, CA 94127
website: ninaandersonlcsw.com

Support Groups:

Open Path The Fertility and Adoption Resource Organization
Open PathTM is where you come to find the path that fits your journey to parenthood.

Open Adoption Blogs:

The Best Open Adoption Blog on the Internet!!!
The Open Adoption world has been waiting a long time for a blog that can do so much for all members of the adoption triad. Created by the "true" open adoption professionals, people like you and me, you will find blog postings from the ones who live open adoption on a daily basis, adoptive families, birthfamilies and adoptees. (website)



On Your Feet Foundation Northern California is a newly established non-profit organization dedicated to helping birth mothers of adopted children and honoring their loving decision to place their babies for adoption. (website)

Birthmothers Unite A site created to help birthmothers connect, and provide information on birthmother issues.

Birthmombuds.com developed by two birthmothers seeking to establish a thorough and reliable online resource for birthmothers

Adoption Stories:

Our Adoption Journey to Madison... After three long days and two very stress ridden nights, my partner and I found ourselves once again un-matching with our birthmother. By now we were becoming seasoned professionals at picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off from failed matches. Waiting together in our hotel room in Portland Oregon, we received the phone call that we had hoped...story continued

Share Your Story :

Most everyone has an adoption story to tell. A story that is close to their heart. Perhaps you were adopted, or you have a family member who has or is adopted. Perhaps you have placed a child for adoption. We in the adoption community can all benifit from hearing these stories, even if they are difficult. If you would like to share with the internet community your adoption experience, you can send us your story and we will post it to our open adoption articles section of our website.

Just send it to:
Subject: Our Adoption Story Email: info@adoptionopen.com Thank you so much!

Deb Weeks
Adoptive Parent and
Founder of Adoptionopen.com


Definition of Open Adoption :

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Open adoption is a term generally used to describe a variety of arrangements allowing for ongoing contact between members of the 'adoption triad' (adoptive family, birth family, and adopted child). The level of openness in any relationship varies widely. Degrees of open arrangements span from mediated contact, which implies letters and photographs sent through a third party (so that the adoptive family can maintain privacy), to full disclosure of the adoptive family's personal information. In fully open adoptions, there is actual physical contact, through meetings and visits between the birth family and the adoptive family. Sometimes an adoption agency may describe an adoption as 'open' when the birth-mother (and/or birth-father) may have a say or may make the actual decision on who is chosen to parent their child, though this is not the generally accepted definition.

An adoption where the adoptive and birth parents do not become aware of each others' identities and where only medical and historical information is given to the adoptive parents is known as a closed adoption.

Although open adoptions are thought to be a relatively new phenomenon, in fact most adoptions in the United States were open until the twentieth century. Until the 1930's, most adoptive parents and birth parents had contact at least during the adoption process. In many cases, adoption was seen as a social support: young children were adopted out not only to help their parents (by reducing the number of children they had to support) but also to help another family by providing an apprentice.

Adoptions became closed when social pressures mandated that families preserve the myth that they were formed biologically. One researcher has referred to these families, that made every attempt to match the child physically to their adoptive families, as 'as if' families.

Openness became the norm when infants available for adoption became scarce, and birth parents had the ability to negotiate acceptable terms for their children, including the ability to participate in decisions about who they wanted to parent their child.

Proponents of open adoption maintain that such adoptions are better for the child and represent best practice. Increasingly, as children growing up in open adoptive homes are studied, adoption researchers are finding that this might be a preferable adoption arrangement. Civil rights advocates argue that openness is the right of all children, who are entitled to information about their history and heritage.

One important fact related to openness is that open adoptions are not legally enforceable agreements in many jurisdictions. The adoptive parents may terminate all contact with the birth parent(s) at any time and for any reason. (back to Wikipedia)

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